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TRANSATLANTIC LINERS AT WAR. By Bill Miller & David Hutchings, hardcover also from David & Charles Ltd, 1985, readable, anecdote-filled account of Queen Mary & Queen Elizabeth in the Second World War and then the QE2 to the Falklands. $15

Price: $15


BRITISH OCEAN LINERS: A TWILIGHT ERA: 1960-85. By Bill Miller, hardcover from W W Norton & Co, 1986, all the fascinating, post-World War II, British passenger ships: Cunard, P&O, Union-Castle, Ellerman & many more. $15

Price: $15


THE LAST BLUE WATER LINERS. By Bill Miller, hardcover from Conway Maritime Press, 1985, covering the great passenger ships that sailed on routes other than the North Atlantic, but to Latin America, Africa, the Far East and Australia plus more. More on the likes of P&O, Union, etc.

Price: (upon request)


LUXURY LINER ROW: PASSENGER SHIPS AT NEW YORK. By Bill Miller, softcover from Quadrant Press, views of passenger ships in & around New York harbor: Cunard Queens, United States , Liberte, Independence, Queen of Bermuda & many others in the grand cast of the 1950s & 60s. $25

Price: $25


Highly sought after hardcover by Bill Miller, published in 1991, career of great American super liner written in cooperation with Commodore Leroy Alexanderson, her last master, lots of photos, anecdotes & insights. Mint condition copy. $100

Price: $100


OCEAN LINERS OF THE WORLD. Softcover by Bill Miller, photo review of passenger ships around the world, published 1984 by Quadrant Press. $12

Price: $12


1978-79 GUIDE TO NORTH AMERICAN PASSENGER SHIPS. Softcover of all North American-based cruise liners of the late 1970s, by Bill Miller, published by Nevasa Publications, 1978. $12

Price: $12


TITANIC & OTHER LEGENDARY LINERS. Guernsey's auction catalog, 2004

Price: $12


SS NORWAY Softcover photo book of conversion: beautiful photos 1982

Price: $12

    THE LAST ATLANTIC LINERS. By Bill Miller, hardcover from Conway Maritime Press, rich text & lots of photos.

Price: $35

LIFE MAGAZINE : Cover story on Andrea Doria sinking, August 6 th 1956 edition, mint condition ... $15

LIFE MAGAZINE : Cover story of Lakonia fire & sinking, January 3 rd 1964 edition, mint condition ... $15

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