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East of Suez: Liners to Australia in the 1950s & 1960sOne of the busiest ocean liner routes up until the 1950s and '60s was from Europe out to Australia. This book, co-authored with Australia's Tim Noble and with much color photography, highlights liners such as the Canberra, Oriana, Australis, Guglielmo Marconi & Fairstar. Also included are such ships as the well remembered Mariposa & Monterey of the Matson Line but which sailed from San Francisco & Los Angeles.

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Cunard's Modern Queens: An updated, revised edition celebrating Cunard's fabled QE2, the Queen Mary 2 & Queen Victoria and now the Queen Elizabeth, commissioned in 2010.

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Last Atlantic Liners

Classic Liners - SS Normandie
In the world of ocean liners, those built for French lines were the epitome of style and panache, and SS Normandie perhaps the pinnacle of this. When she entered service in 1935, she was the largest, longest, fastest and certainly the best fed ship of her time, serving the finest food imaginable in a dining room longer than the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles. Through beautiful illustrations and evocative writing, William H.Miller presents the story of one of the most lavish liners ever to cross the seas.
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Along the Hudson

Post War Canadian Pacific Liners:
Empresses of the Atlantic

Covering the period from the end of the war until 1971, when the fleet was sold off, the book begins with the renovated Empress of Canada and Empress of France, taking us through the new builds of the 1950s, and the company's swansong, the beautiful Empress of Canada, constructed in 1961

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Along the Hudson

Union Castle Liners - From Great Britain
to Africa 1946-1977

The route was not just to the Cape - for Union-Castle also offered a service down the East coast of Africa and a round-Africa route too. In 1977, with the mail contract and passengers lost to the jet and cargo to container ships, the service ceased in October that year and Union-Castle was no more.

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Along the Hudson

Great Atlantic Liners of the 20th Century in Color
Experience the glamour of liner travel as it was for the Edwardians and through the 1920s and 1930s, in color, as never seen before.The great transatlantic liners were often photographed in their homeports, as well as at sea, and the images here give an idea of the splendor that was ocean liner travel in the golden age of shipping.

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Along the Hudson

Ile de France and Liberte -
France's Premier Post War Liners

This illustrated book concentrates on their heydays in the glorious, post-World War II years, when they were the largest and grandest liners under the French flag. Both ships were famed for their service and onboard ambience, but most especially for their cooking, and they were said to be the best-fed liners on the Atlantic

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Along the Hudson

Along the Hudson
In the 1950s and '60s, countless passenger liners called at New York and usually berthed at Luxury Liner Row along the City's West Side. The cast includes the Cunard Queens, the Ile de France & Liberte, United States, Independence, Gripsholm & Queen of Bermuda. It is a grand assemblage of great ships -- both large & small.

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The Great Liners Story

The Great Liners Story
A fascinating "little book" about the great liners, those floating palaces, of the 20th century -- from the grand German four-stackers to the age of the Oasis of the Seas. Mostly color in this hardcover book.

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SS France / Norway

Classic Liners: SS FRANCE / NORWAY:
The spectacular French flagship France, the longest liner ever built, was the latest transatlantic supership when completed in the 1960s, and - according to most early reports - the most luxurious liner then afloat. Maiden voyage passengers goggled at the luxuries aboard the $80 million floating masterpiece with her fantastic interiors, superb service and most exquisite food, yet despite her success she eventually lost out to the unsurpassable speed of jet aircraft.

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